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application for el nysa


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Over 18? 26
Characters Played: n/a


Character Name: Buffy Summers
Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Canon Point: 4x01 - The Freshman
Character Age: 18
Background: Buffy Wiki

Talk about your character's personality: their core traits, their strengths, their weaknesses, their motivations, and everything in between. Please note that this should focus on your character's personality and should not read like a history section. Also, please keep this section as concise as possible (maximum 1,500 words).

Buffy processes the weirdness of her life primarily through a lens of quips and snark. It helps her stay grounded, and it helps disconnect her from her emotional reactions to how unfair and wrong the world around her can be. She also has a habit of making up words, trying too hard to be likable, but these are all just surface appearances.

Her actions are motivated primarily by a sense of duty that comes directly from a well of empathy that keeps her going. Buffy believes that she has a responsibility to perform her duty as the Slayer not just because it's right, but because the fact that people will be hurt otherwise makes it right — especially people she cares about. She cannot tolerate suffering that she could have prevented, a trait which Angelus monopolizes on to torture Buffy when he is released on the world again in season two.

She feels others' pain so acutely that it were as though it were happening to her—except that Buffy values others' suffering and experiences more than her own. She knows that she can hack it; she doesn't want anyone else to have to. So she enslaves herself to the task of being the Slayer, defines her entire identity by it, and damns herself to surrendering many opportunities she would otherwise enjoy in life as an attractive, bright young woman for it.

Despite this apparent inferiority complex wherein Buffy values herself less than others, when it comes to moral matters, Buffy considers herself an expert and shows her self-righteousness. Because of her experience, the hard choices she has been forced to make from a young age, and her generally empathy-pointed compass, she tends to view her moral judgments as inherently superior to others' — she thinks that she has stronger morals than them. Part of this is coping: she has to believe that she has made the right choices, otherwise she wouldn't be able to live with the things she has had to do, like killing angel.

But part of it's also pride. Buffy has a hard time admitting when she is wrong because she has a hard time showing weakness. She wants to be the image of the Slayer that she has developed in her head, and that other people expect of her. So she tries to project an indefatigable image of a capable, sassy, unflinching hero who always knows what's right because in many ways it's what her friends need from her, and it's what she wants to believe of herself and her duty. Anything that infringes upon that pride and self-righteousness — such as Faith challenging her methods — tends to be greeted with a hard shut-out.

However, in her heart of hearts, Buffy knows that she is not perfect. She projects this pride because she knows that she has made mistakes and struggles to reconcile them with her power,
her duty, and her strong empathy for others. Because of this, she is readily able and willing to forgive the worst crimes of the people who have worked their way into her heart. She believes in the people that she loves, and she believes that they deserve a second chance — especially since she sees them as ultimately less 'sullied' by her dark duty than she is.

☑ super strength
☑ super stamina
☑ accelerated reflexes
☑ accelerated healing
☑ built Ford tough (enhanced durability)
☑ enhanced speed
☑ heightened awareness (almost like spidey sense)
☑ precog/postcog dreaming about Slayer line-related events, dreaming the history of the Slayer
☑ dream-sharing with fellow Slayers
☑ natural fighting talent, as well as training in fighting technique
☑ proficiency with numerous weapons including: axes, stakes, daggers, knives, swords, crossbows

Power Nerfs (if applicable):
None of Buffy's powers break the game, but should the mods feel it is appropriate to limit them, I'm happy to discuss.

Buffy always has a stake, a cross, and a leather jacket with her. She'll also have a fashionable shirt and pair of jeans. She'd also like to requisition an axe from the Orbiters.

Buffy will do just about anything for the Orbiters as long as they have her friends on ice and don't strain her moral compass. The power over their life and death has a way of slaying the Slayer. She'd do anything to save her friends, though she's more likely to do it as a "thanks for saving them" than under the threat of hurting them. Positive framing ftw.

Added bonus: the promise of making permanent and not contractual the curse of Angel's soul. Not so that she can get with the boning, but rather so he can live a full life and experience true happiness without losing everything.


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