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permission - el nysa


Player: Tifa

Preferred Contact: #tifa8285 on discord, [ profile] protects

Usual tagging times/pace: I am an inconsistent tagger. Sometimes I have the energy and motivation for back-and-forth, but more often you can expect 1-2 tags on a given thread per day from me. This is because I work long hours and come home emotionally and creatively exhausted, and hitting my daily word count expends what little I have left before I get to RP. My best availability tends to be 5-10PM MST. I'm in Arizona, so we don't believe in Daylight savings.

Backtagging: If it's smalltalk, I'll drop it within the month. If it's plot-heavy or something that heavily influences character motivations on either side, I'd prefer to find a reasonable conclusion — no matter how long that takes.

Fourthwalling policy: Go for it.

Action vs. Prose: I'll follow your lead.

Offensive Subjects & Triggers: None


Physical Violence: Happy to write it, but let's talk power levels and likely outcomes before committing to a resolution. Within a given tag, once we've talked about how our characters compare with one another and come to an agreement, I'm fine with you assuming contact/dodging as appropriate to the rhythm, but that's definitely something that I would like to come after knowing we are on the same page.

Mental Information: Telepaths have free reign. Just let me know in advance and I'll write hooks into my brackets appropriate to what Buffy is thinking about at the time. If you're planning to have a telepath plunge deeper, let me know, and I'll do a write-up of what they're likely to come across.

Physical Affection: Do as a the tone and characters dictate. I don't need to give you permission for your character to make sexual overtures of any kind, but bear in mind that Buffy will react as appropriate too — which may not necessarily be positively.

IC Triggers: Buffy's got some touchy spots where romance and murder are concerned. If you don't mind her typical self-righteousness and evasion, bring up what you want.

Relationships: Happy for found family, deep friendships, platonic cuddling, and romantic relationships, but I don't generally like to plan for them. I'd rather see it coming out of something implicit in the chemistry of the characters. That said, once that chemistry is there, let's orchestrate how to deepen it.

Are you interested in participating in the game's smut opt-ins? Could be interested, depending on what they look like and how it jives with the more serious tone of the game.

If yes, please state your preferences: F/M and F/F are both fair for Buffy, canonically. She's a heteroromantic bisexual, though the closest to a sapphic experience she has had thus far is Faith. Which, too be fair, is pretty sapphic. Point being, that will involve more coaxing her out of her comfort zone because her best friend hasn't even come out to her yet either.